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Strata Management in Victoria


We realize that your investment is important to you, so we challenge every controllable expense to reduce it as much as possible and yet maintain the proper standard.

We, as your Property Manager, would oversee all aspects needed to effectively manage your investment. We perform regular inspections of your property to ensure that the condition of the property reflects your investment.  We are also accessible for the owners.  Each Property Manager has voicemail, fax, email and is provided with a cell phone to make certain that communication lines are open at all times. In addition, the Maintenance Division is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in the event of an after hours emergency

We are pleased to provide you with a listing of the duties and responsibilities that we would furnish as your Property Manager.

  • Well qualified and courteous staff

  • Volume purchasing provides notable savings to owners in areas such as
    - garbage collection
    - pest control
    - elevator maintenance
    - insurance
    In some cases these special rates have resulted in excellent savings with better coverage.  We would be pleased to obtain a quote for your property.
  • Hiring and directing caretakers
  • Negotiating all service contracts

  • Maximizing your investment through effective cost control

  • Maintenance Division

  • Preparation of the Annual Budget, as requested

  • Monthly statement of income and expenses

  • Hold bank accounts for Strata and Contingency Funds as required by the Act, and invest funds as approved by Council.

  • Collection of monthly assessments and any special assessments for deposit and subsequent disbursements on behalf of the Corporation.

  • Collection of all delinquent accounts and registration of Form G's and H's, if necessary.

  • Approve, process and pay all invoices.

  • Continue to ensure that rates on contract items (i.e., fuel oil, insurance, elevator, etc.) are the lowest possible price while maintaining our high standards.

  • Type and reproduce the newsletters and maintain proper files, including the Bylaws, insurance policies, any Form B's, F's, G's, H's, or K's, and general correspondence.

  • Act as intermediary for each owner in regards to the Corporation and the Rules and Regulations.

  • Preparation of notices for the annual meetings, the agendas, and proxies, organize the meetings and assist with the appointment of new Council Members.

  • Attend Council and general meetings as specified in the Contract, to answer questions pertaining to financial statements and operational matters, and to provide advice and recommendations dealing with the Strata Property Act and relevant legislation.

  • Arrange regularly scheduled maintenance items such as window and gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, fire inspections, and start-up and shut-down of underground sprinkler systems.

  • Building inspections arranged and conducted as needed.

  • Preparation of correspondence and reply to inquiries made to and on behalf of the Strata Corporation.

We would be pleased to provide you with a written proposal specific to your property.